Learn more about the Vision this June

Vision for Volunteering is in full swing! Created on the back of many workshops, interviews, submissions and existing research in 2021, the NAVCANCVOVolunteering Matters, and the Association of Volunteer Managers helped develop a ‘vision for volunteering’ designed to create a diverse, innovative, ambitious, equitable and person-centred future for volunteering.

Now the new Vision for Volunteering team is in place and ready to help communities and organisations realise the Vision. Join the team online for tea-break chat on June 13 and meet other like-minded people across the sector for an informal discussion about all things volunteering, communities, social action and beyond. Or sign up to an online workshop on June 22, where you can learn more about the Vision, explore how to bring it to life and meet other like-minded people who are looking to improve the experience of volunteers.