You can’t help everyone,
but you can help someone

I want to

Under 18? Want to get involved? Find out more

Guidance for volunteer involving groups and volunteers

Why Volunteer?

✓ It improves your confidence
✓ It gives you new skills
✓ You can give something back
✓ It’s good for your mental health
✓ It enhances your CV
✓ You get to make a difference
✓ It’s flexible and fun
✓ It gives you a sense of purpose
✓ You can choose from hundreds of different roles
✓ There are volunteering roles for everybody!

Looking for volunteers?

With more than 3,000 charities, community and sports groups across Kent and Medway, finding volunteers can often feel like a struggle. That’s why Kent Volunteering was launched – to help you find the amazing individuals who want to support your cause.

Register your volunteering roles on our fully secure, easy-to-use CRM and make your opportunity stand out.

If you’re thinking about using volunteers in your organisation we can help with that too – just check out our wealth of free resources.